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MMS Support In GV

Yay! GV has MMS support for a large number of carriers.

Though, ever since GV was integrated with Hangouts, I've not had that good of an experience with GV. Two issues I've come across:

1. The Hangouts app crashes about 50% of the time when I receive a voicemail and want to listen to it. I gotta still launch the GV app to listen to voicemail.
2. Unable to select if I want to send an SMS from my carrier number or GV number. You can set the default number for sending SMS (or the other option was to let it auto determine based on how you've interacted with the number in the past), but I still think the manual option of switching between GV and carrier should be available.

I suppose the integration is still a work in progress, but I'm happy to see these new updates :)

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